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If you are like most Houston homeowners, the realization that your foundation is cracked and in need of repair is a scary one. It is not just the cost that is involved in the repair that can be daunting, it is also the amount of disruption it will cause to your family while the repair is being completed. When you must get your foundation repaired, you need to rely on trustworthy Houston foundation repair contractors for help.

Free Estimates and Warranties

Ask for referrals from neighbors and family, and then look online for reputable companies. Do not go with just any repair company. That sounds obvious, but when you are new to foundation repairs, you may find yourself stressed and frightened and ready to call in the first company you find online.

Read their reviews and then give the Houston foundation repair companies that offer free estimates a call. You do not want to have to spend time and money to find out what the foundation repair entails. You also want to be able to contact three companies to compare prices before moving on to the next step.

When your foundation repair expert arrives to assess damage to your foundation, ask them if their company offers a warranty for the work they perform. If they do not, move on to the next company.

Types Of Foundation Repair Services

Ask your foundation repair company about the use of ground-penetrating radar to assess problems with your foundation. This is a high-tech tool that will not involve disruption to the surrounding portion of the home or yard to conduct the assessment. It helps your repair company determine what utilities, if any, are located underground so they know how to best approach the repair without causing more problems.

Your estimate will involve the repair company using survey equipment, too. This helps determine exactly where the problem is and helps you save money by not having to do more work than is actually necessary.

Be sure to mention anything around the home that has seemed out of the ordinary. Cracks are obvious signs of foundation trouble, but other signs are doors or windows that do not close correctly. If you have noticed any cracks in sheet rock in your home’s upstairs level, be sure to mention this as this can also point to foundation trouble, which your company will be able to help correct.

Getting a foundation repair done is a big and often expensive job. Do not let your fear hold you back from finding a company to do the foundation repair. If they come highly recommended, this is your assurance you have found a trustworthy foundation repair company. It is also a good sign if they offer you a free estimate and come with the latest equipment to perform an assessment of the damage.

Foundation repairs are expensive, but they do not have to be exorbitant. Call for an estimate from a trustworthy company as soon as you notice any foundation problems.

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